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Alan Moxey
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This web site demonstrates how our Bye-Bye Paci Program works.

This is a prototype site and all graphics and Trademarks are only used for demonstration purposes.  
All required licensing would be obtained if this project was to move forward.   

We have experience designing, developing, manufacturing and provided fulfillment for licensed products for
groups including: the American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, QVC, the NFL, the Olympics, Disney,  
Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, UPS,  and numerous Non-Profit and Fortune 500 companies.

When CTA Marketing Group develops a prototype site, we strive to ensure the privacy and security of these
sites.  Click on the Enter Site Button and provide the correct passwords to access the prototype test site.
Group, Inc.
All artwork, graphics and copy are preliminary.
We are currently making design changes to the
site.  This prototype site is designed to provide a
concept of the overall flow before it goes to our
graphic artists for final modifications.
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